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Have I mentioned I love cookbooks?  Cookbooks are the original Pinterest.  I have different places for them in my house.  I have a lovely display on top of my refrigerator. Cookbooks that are fabulous and utterly gorgeous, some of which I have used so much they are either covered in food and/or I have already memorized my most loved recipes.

My go-to, everyday cookbooks are my must-haves and they sit nicely by the sofa, eagerly awaiting  being opened.

Where are your cookbooks?

What is your most used and lovely cookbook?


Stacy said…
I love collecting cookbooks too! I think the one I use the most is my Hungry Girl cookbook or my South Beach one as my husband is low carb. I have them all in an old entertainment center in my dining room! :)
island girl said…
Oh, I don't have either one of those, I'll have to check them out. I absolutely adore the Jamie Oliver cookbooks, they have fabulous recipes of course but, I also find him fascinating to listen to...
Stacy said…
I'll have to try a Jamie Oliver cookbook! I've always liked him. You might not like HG because she uses a lot of processed foods but I just substitute with real ingredients. Might make the calorie count a little higher but I'm not putting gross stuff in my body! :)

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