Sunday, May 7, 2017

Kids Bedding for Summer & The Futon Shop Giveaway!

We are so very pleased to collaborate with The Futon Shop for this review & giveaway! 

When I first started parenting oh-so-many years ago, I don't think I thought too much about below-the-surface things.  However, mom's, as we grow and become aware of things, we learn that below-the-surface matters!  It matters what is in our food, on our clothing, in our lawns and certainly below the sheets on our beds!  Humans sleep between 7-10 hours every single night (obviously this various with new moms...that get no sleep and teenagers that simply love and need to sleep lots!).

Why would we ever think that it does not matter what we are breathing in night-after-night. 

This is why I am so appreciative for The Futon Shop who makes the most amazing mattress that I feel good with my kids and myself sleeping on!   

This twin mattress is The Futon Shop Moonlight and is made with organic materials and organic natural latex!  This mattress shown is on top of bed slats - nothing more is needed!   Add some fun organic summer shark sheets and you are good-to-go! 
The Futon Shop Moonlight Mattress, fun sheets and matching organic pillows from The Futon Shop, and we are ready for healthy summer rest and fun!
What we sleep on matters and kids deserve the best! 

My Notes:

The Futon Shop mattresses are heavy with natural and organic materials. They are nothing like your mattress at home that is full of synthetic materials with who-knows-what in them. 

This is the ingredient sheet for the Moonlight Mattress!   
Chemical free, petro-free, GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex - the Moonlight Mattress is nothing short of spectacular!

The Futon Shop makes real, quality mattresses! No short cuts and they make them here in the USA - California to be exact.  The wool they use is naturally antibacterial and is ethically harvested (unlike certain brands of wool lined shoes)  

Their mattress are top quality.  

No chemicals in my home matters and probably most important in our mattresses and food!  I had been so used to these cookie cutter mattresses that weigh nothing and smell like chemicals. (they always make my stomach hurt)

Now I know chemical free and healthy mattresses are out there and are more superior than I ever imagined.  I will never go back to "conventional" mattresses. Ever.

Check out The Futon Shop's entire selection of mattresses - all are amazing and with materials that you can truly feel good about your family breathing-in every night! 
We have an amazing twin futon mattress to giveaway!

This Chemical Free - Pure Comfort Futon Mattress designed with 733 micro coils, natural pure virgin wool and USDA certified organic cotton providing superior comfort and support, and can be used on a futon frame or a traditional platform bed

Our Giveaway!

The Futon Shop is giving away a Pure Comfort Chemical Free Wool / Organic Cotton Mattress (ingredient list is above) Woot!  I am so very happy for the opportunity to give this mattress away - SO versatile for futon frame or bed slats or box spring!  And the comfort is second to none - your back and body need this!  Loads of ways to enter.  US only please.  Prize is shipped via The Futon Shop.  Little Island Studios is not responsible for shipping, use or if you want to lay in bed all day and read because you have never been so comfy!  Enter often, share and good luck!

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This is a sponsored post.  Opinions are my own.  I would never recommend if I didn't fully love and believe in The Futon Shop's ethics, products and company in general!


Anel Winney said...

I'm not fully aware of all the toxins, but I first heard of the Futon shop through you! As we navigate through buying a new mattress , we wi keep them in mind!

carol clark said...

im aware and its very alarming to know this nowing what i know its mind boggling that ive slept on something that is causing me breathing problems who knew i mean gee whiz

Edye Nicole said...

Recently I've become much more aware.


carol clark said...

yes mam and its scary to think of what all is in our beds we sleep in

Suze said...

Yes! It's so scary! That's why I haven't purchased a big kids bed yet for my oldest!

Suze said...

I am and it's terrifying! I'm actually looking for a bed for my 5 year old right now!

carol clark said...

yes mam i used to not be aware but i am now im sure i dont know all the toxins

Janice said...

I truly wasn't aware, and I find it shocking.

Suze said...

Yes! Futons are now definitely something I'm
Looking into!

Alexandra Oller said...

I had no idea there were toxins or chemicals in mattresses. I'm definitely going to be cautious now, I'm glad I was able to learn about the Futon Shop.

carol clark said...

yes mam im aware of toxins and its scary

GingerG said...

Yes! I've done some research and it's best to get a safe mattress for everyone!

Suze said...

Yes! So many!

Suze said...

Yes! So crazy!

carol clark said...

yes mam and its awful that is why i think its important to spread awareness about it