I'm A Dork

I was online tweeting the other day, where I can be found on any given day at nap time, I  saw that @JessSeinfeld tweeted "first one to post a pic of yourself..." on her Facebook page.  I just happen to  love her recipes and stalk  follow on her Facebook page as well as Twitter.  I jump over to FB, post the first picture I find  of me, which is not hard to do, since I only have 3 from the past year (like most moms, I'm always the one taking the picture).  Posted the picture on her page and thought to myself; Hey, I'm the first one, I win, AWESOME! Score! 

I have often wondered about people who put their personal pictures or pictures of their kids on "stars" pages.  I find it to be rather peculiar.  They're just people after all...only with really cool jobs.

While pondering  this..I glance over at the Twitter screen and saw the rest of the 'tweet' "WITH a picture of the artichoke recipe!"  Artichoke?  Are you kidding me?  Nope, don't have a picture of me with  an artichoke. 

Rush, back to Facebook  screen;  hit "DELETE"....ahhh, no one saw. No harm, no foul.   No one'll suspect I'm a dork. 

No such luck.  Last night, I get a Facebook pop up..the one to let you know there is a comment, it says Jess Seinfeld has commented on your picture.  What?  I can't think of what pic..ohhh, she must have commented on a  blog picture posted on my FB!  She reads my blog...ohhhh, I start day dreaming;  Wow, she'll think it's SO great and she'll ask to promote it, she'll ask me to do a guest spot!! I'm not a dork after all!

Click on the pop up.  Nope, there it is.  The picture I deleted.  I'm still a dork.

She made a very gracious comment though, and pretended not to notice my random personal pic on her site, with nothing whatsoever to do with food.   Point of the story; don't be a dork. Oh, and never forget to click the "are you sure you want to delete this post" button.


Erica said…
Hilarious!!! I would have been a total dork too... trust me. xo
Marynika said…
lol, I love this story. I'm a dork myself, no worries :)
Selfish Mom said…
Ha! That TOTALLY sounds like something I would do.
island girl said…
LOL, Thank you so much :) Just one of many dorky things I've done...need to start keeping notes...
Becky said…
So funny, could have been me. Following you from the Alexa hop.

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