Monday, November 28, 2016

Color Happiness, Art Supplies & Kid's Book Holiday Giveaway!

I take gift giving very seriously and put a great deal of thought into what would inspire the receiver.   It is my opinion that we as a society don't need more "stuff".  Most children have a whole list of things they saw on TV that they want (or think they want).  It is my experience in parenting over twenty years that "stuff" ends up being just that - stuff that ends up sitting in a play bin - unused for the most part.   My go-to gifts always include art supplies and gorgeous books picture books.  Color always inspires!

Color Happiness! 

International Arrivals has the happiest art supplies anywhere!  I first bought their supplies at The Land of Nod and Barnes and Noble

Stocking stuffers and gifts galore! 
 There is nothing happier than colorful art supplies & books where the possibilities are endless! 

Rainbow Fluffy Pen!  
I took this out at a business meeting and I ended up giving it to the client - she freaked!  
So you know...I got the account! Highly recommend! 

Color IS Happiness! 

Starfish Crayons!

Charlie and Lola Picture Books!

Our Most Favorites - 

Star Crayons - enough said
May I say, the Rainbow Fluffy Pen...AMAZING!

Yellow Art Caddy - The Land of Nod (it's perfect!)
Charlie and Lola Picture Books - newly released and redone paper backs!

Stars & Hearts!
Giveaway Includes -

Our most favorite art caddy
(I picked the color's pure happiness!) 

Giveaway includes all items above in description. Prizes is shipped via individual companies. US only please. We are not responsible for shipping, use or if your child is inspired to create!

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Abundant THANK YOUS to International Arrivals Art Supplies, The Land of Nod and Candlewick Press!  You all provide such joy and inspirations for kids...but also moms! Thank you!

We have happily joined together with Candlewick Press and International Arrivals.  The Land of Nod art caddy - is mine and Land of Nod was gracious to offer a giveaway of our favorite.   Opinions are my own.  I buy all brands constantly for my kids and for gift giving! (if you follow my on Instagram, you KNOW ;D

Friday, November 25, 2016

Life is Good® and Build-A-Bear Workshop™ Partner to Spread the Power of Optimism for Holiday Season 2016

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Positive lifestyle brand Life is Good® announced a partnership with Build-A-Bear Workshop to spread the power of optimism and support kids in need with a new collection, including a Life is Good branded bear, bear T-shirts, a matching kids T-shirt, and accessories. Ten percent of net profits from sales of the Life is Good bear T-shirts at Build-A-Bear Workshop will benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada through the Life is Good Kids Foundation.

New Teddy, T-Shirts and Accessories Will Support Kids in Need 

Starting today, the new line will be available at Build-A-Bear Workshop stores, and, and includes:

      Life is Good Build-A-Bear furry friend - classic 16” Build-A-Bear Workshop teddy bear with soft, brown fur and an embroidered applique Life is Good paw ($25)
      Life is Good Build-A-Bear T-shirts - tiny personalized soft knit jersey Life is Good T-shirts with six unique graphics. Build-A-Bear Workshop will donate 10 percent of net profits of the Life is Good bear T-shirts to the Life is Good Kids Foundation in support of their work
with Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada[1] ($7) 
      Life is Good Build-A-Bear cap - embroidered baseball cap ($6)
      Life is Good Build-A-Bear wristie - accessory to spread good vibes ($3) 
      Life is Good Kids T-shirt - kids and their Build-A-Bear furry friends can match
with a unique “Life is Good” T-shirt in kids and toddler sizes ($18)
“Helping to make life good for more kids is central to our brand and the work of the Life is Good Kids Foundation,” said John Jacobs, Life is Good co-founder and Chief Creative Optimist. “Partnering with Build-A-Bear Workshop allows us to spread the power of optimism to more families while also helping kids overcome violence, poverty and illness.”

Life is Good shares our mission to inspire kids and help them have a bright future, and this partnership gives the gift of optimism while helping kids across the United States and Canada,” said Gina Collins, chief marketing officer, Build-A-Bear Workshop. “Our efforts with Life is Good are a great complement to our existing Merry Mission holiday fundraising campaign for Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada this holiday season.”

The new collection builds on Life is Goods commitment to donate at least 10 percent of annual net profits to support kids in need. The funds raised through this partnership will allow the Life is Good Kids Foundation to continue their work with their Boys and Girls Clubs partners while also expanding the positive impact to new clubs.

For more information or to purchase items in the Life is Good Build-A-Bear Workshop collection, visit 

The Life is Good Company is a $100 million lifestyle brand dedicated to spreading the power of optimism. The company donates 10 percent of its net profits to help kids in need. To date, the company has donated over $11 million, principally through Life is Good products, events and community fundraising efforts. Life is Good® is a registered trademark of The Life is Good Company. Please visit for more details and follow Life is Good on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

The Life is Good Kids Foundation is an accredited 501(c)(3) that partners with organizations serving the most vulnerable children to improve the quality of their care. The Foundation's Playmaker program connects with schools, hospitals, camps, and a variety of social service agencies to give childcare professionals the resources they need to make a positive, life-changing impact at a pivotal time in a child's development. For more information please visit

About Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc.: Founded in St. Louis in 1997, Build-A-Bear, a global brand kids love and parents trust, seeks to add a little more heart to life. Build-A-Bear Workshop has approximately 400 stores worldwide where guests can create customizable furry friends, including company-owned stores in the United States, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and mainland China, and franchise stores in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico and the Middle East. The company was named to the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For® list for the eighth year in a row in 2016. Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. (BBW) posted a total revenue of $377.7 million in fiscal 2015. For more information, visit the Investor Relations section of

This is not a sponsored post. We just love both companies and the cause! Happy holidays!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Poles Apart On The Book Shelf Today!

We are so very pleased to work with Nosy Crow Books to encourage reading for kids & to guide moms to books they love! Enjoy!

I know, I know, you can't judge a book by the cover.  I was a fan before I even opened up Poles Apart by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Jarvis.  The colors! The art! It also doesn't hurt that I have had a thing for polar bears since I was a child!   A family of lost penguins (doesn't everyone get lost at picnics?) receive help from the kindest polar bear! 

Everybody knows that penguins live at the South Pole and polar bears live at the North Pole—but what would happen if, one day, a family of picnicking penguins accidentally got lost? When the hapless Pilchard-Brown family find themselves at the wrong pole, they need Mr. White, a friendly polar bear, to guide them all the way home. - Nosy Crow

We have a hardcover copy of Poles Apart by Jeanne Willis, illustrated by Jarvis to giveaway. 

 US only please.  Prize is shipped via publisher. We are not responsible for shipping, use or if your kiddo suddenly wants to go to the north pole!

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We have partnered with Nosy Crow. Opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links on this page.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bad Moms Blu-Ray Movie Giveaway! #BadMoms #spon

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If you have been eagerly awaiting Bad Moms to arrive on Blu-Ray, you won't be disappointed!  I watched with my husband and teen and laughed so hard and throughout the movie.  I can identify with all the moms.  I think there is a little bit of their personality in every mom.    

I am usually a bit ambilvant about special features on blu-rays.  My kids always love them, but I usually skip them.  However, Bad Moms has interviews with the actresses and their real moms that is a must-see and so funny! 

 Recipes for Bad Moms Night In!

Pimm's Cups for your night-in cocktails! 

Movie Night Nachos

One Pan Chocolate Coconut Smores!

Best Hang Over Breakfast 

Are you a Bad Moms or A Perfect Mom?! (I think we're all a bit of both)

In this outrageous comedy from the writers of The Hangover, Amy (Mila Kunis) has a seemingly perfect life - a great marriage, over-achieving kids, beautiful home and a career. However she's over-worked, over-committed and exhausted to the point that she's about to snap. Fed up, she joins forces with two other over-stressed moms (Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn) on a quest to liberate themselves from conventional responsibilities – going on a wild, un-mom-like binge of long overdue freedom, fun and self-indulgence – putting them on a collision course with PTA Queen Bee Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate) and her clique of devoted perfect moms (Jada Pinkett Smith and Annie Mumolo). See the movie that critics are cheering as "…a funny, giddy, sentimental laugh-in…" - Manohla Dargis, The New York Times.

Bad Moms is rated R. One scene of nudity, language and adult content.  My older teen thought it was hilarious! 

We have one copy of Bad Moms to giveaway! Giveaway is US only. (apologies Canada) Prize is shipped via publisher, we are not responsible.

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This is in partnership with producers of Bad Moms. Opinions are my own. (laughed SO hard!)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Simple Market Roasted Veggies & A FeedFeed InstaMeet!

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Autumn.  Doesn't the mere mention of the word bring you joy and warmth?  Autumn is my favorite and my best and roasting veggies means everything on a chilly rainy afternoon. 

 This weekend, if you follow us on Insta-Stories, you know we spent the afternoon making veggies we picked up from our trip to the Green City Market in Chicago to meet up with FeedFeed!  

Coffee & Treats anyone? We highly recommend the Restoration Hardware Courtyard! 

The onions are from Froggy Meadow Farms and quite honestly, they are the best onions - ever!  Seriously. 

We added olive oil, sea salt, Simply Organic Black Pepper and 
Italian Season topped with fresh rosemary sprigs.
Cook at 350 degrees until done. About 30-40 minutes

That's it. SO very easy and the most delicious dish you'll make all week! 
Toss together in the roasting pan with your hands before cooking.  
A great job for the kids to help with

So simple and delicious! 
Simply Amazing. 

My Notes:

Food Matters - Never tell yourself it doesn't.   

In a world of more and more toxins, pesticides and fake GMO food - Food Matters! 

I buy organic and non-GMO food.  If it's not labeled, then I make it a point to know my farmer!
Cook everyday and get your kids involved.  We have an entire generation of people that have no idea how to cook real food and it's getting worse.  
Food is healing - mentally and physically!

Join us at FeedFeed for recipe and food inspirations! 

Do not miss Froggy Meadow Farms at Green City Market. Seriously, he inspires to cook more, know more and expect authentic real food!

This is not a sponsored post. Just our Sunday lunch - YUM!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pumpkin-Carrot Spiced Soup!

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We are so very pleased to partner with Simply Organic Spices! 

 Autumn is my most favorite season! Everything autumn is absolutely blissful - crisp weather, bright leaves and everything pumpkin.  Pumpkin is the ultimate comfort food and can be best in it's simplest form - pumpkin soup!  When I first learned to cook, I never made soup. For some reason, I thought soup was this complicated mix of ingredients.  I could not have been more wrong. Soup is Simple and Spice is Everything!  Recipes for pumpkin soup vary, but are essentially the same - broth, spice and pumpkin.  For this pumpkin soup we have added loads of orange carrots for the bright color and nutrition - we can always use more veggies.
Simply Organic Spices has launched the loveliest campaign called Thursday Moments (#ThursdayMoments) and they want to inspire you and your family to create organic moments for the holidays!  Incredible recipes and prices, please visit Simply Organic Spices for more details and encouragement to bring organic moments to your loved ones. What is your ultimate Thursday bash? You can WIN it!  Monthly prices also include Kitchen Aid goodies, LeCreuset and W&P Designs.

Tag your organic moments with #ThursdayMoments

Create your own Thursday Moments with game night, an autumn baking party (always my choice ;), movie night, cocktail party or an afternoon potluck dinner - you decide!

Consider an autumn picnic for your Thursday Moments!
Have everyone choose their own toppings and enjoy! 
Photo featuring - Figs & Spice on Instagram 

Ingredients - 

Pumpkin Puree - 2.5 cups
Carrots - 2 cups
Simply Organic Pumpkin Spice - 1 tablespoon, then to taste
Simply Organic Black Pepper - 1 teas
Onions - aprox. 1/2 cup
Veg Broth (Pacific Foods has a great one, NO sugar) - 4 cups
Heavy Cream - 1/2 - 1 cup (as desired)

Roast your medium pie pumpkin & carrots with olive oil and a bit of sea salt, pepper & pumpkin spice
Roast until done - about 40 minutes

In high power blender - puree pumpkin, carrots and 1 1/ 2 cups of veggie broth
Sautee in pot your chopped onion.
Add in pureed broth and pumpkin- carrots
Stir often and heat slowly to medium.

Tweak pumpkin spice, pepper and amount of broth to your liking and for an extra kick - we just love just a touch of cayenne!  

Toppings -

Sautéed Shitake Mushrooms
Sautéed Red Pepper
Stonyfield Grass Fed Plain Yogurt - Amazing! 
Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Full of nutrients and vitamin A!

Pumpkin-Carrot Soup is a perfect go-to dish for the weekend!

Simply Organic Spices make all the difference! 

For more recipes and tips check out Simply Organic Spices! 

Puree well!

Ingredients Matter - fresh organic smaller onions, Simply Organic Spices, farm fresh pumpkin and veggie broth!

Puree well in a high-powered blender (we just love our Vitamix!)

My Notes - 

I use Simply Organic Spices  & Frontier Co-op  whether sponsored or not.
Food and Cooking matters.  
Now more than ever we need to cook and teach our children!
I choose organic and non-GMO for my family.
Yes, I am obsessed with Staub colors!
Check out our feed at

This is a sponsored post with Simply Organic Spices  .  Opinions are my own.  If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I support them and buy for my family!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Fighting for Our Freedom in Election 2016.

I know, I know. Never ever talk about religion, politics or really anything that someone might disagree with.  I know.  But why should we only talk about simple things and not talk about our rights.  I think one thing we can all agree on is we as Americans take pride in our rights and freedom.   We believe that America cannot fall.   I also believe, we in America, have grown to take our right for granted and that is a dangerous thing.  We have been and continue to lose our rights in this country. Slowly.  Very slowly and always with a the people choose to not notice.  

Do you know the media is all run and owned by essentially the same groups of people.  This information is everywhere, should you choose to see.

As if Americans needed more proof - WikiLeaks has released mountains of evidence of the dark dealings in our government by people that are obstructing justice and freedom.

There is so much evidence, videos and data, but I think the people are easily swayed this way and that and don't want to burden themselves with information that cause them to think too hard.  

Before you vote.  Just watch this news segment.  Just watch.

If you are upset over this.  If you are getting ready to unfollow me or write a nasty comment.  I encourage to you to think why.  Why does this upset you?  Does it cause you to rethink or relearn what you have been programmed to believe?  Then instead of getting upset at me for having truth.  Dive in.  Skip tonights TV and educate yourself on what is most certainly the most important election in any recent history.   This election is being controlled by media, the owners of the voting machines (yes, really) and by the world's elite.  These people despite what they say on camera, care nothing for our rights as people. Nothing for our right to raise our children in a safe and healthy world.

The media tells you to believe lies and not truths.  

Will you participate?  

The future of your children is directly depending on this very thing.

For whatever good it does in an "election" that has already been decided.  I will vote for Trump.  The mere fact that he is not a career politician and has the rights of the people and for the people in mind. That is reason one why I am voting.  Back to Basics. For ALL American citizens!