Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Stonyfield, prAna & The Whole You! #TheWholeYou #spon

We are so pleased to collaborate with Stonyfield Organics & prAna Clothing for this post! 

 It's easy to get lost in motherhood, more than I ever thought was possible.  Some days I forget if I actually ate lunch that day much less did I have time to work out.  When I get like this I pull myself back and realign myself to wellness and kindness for myself and my happiness.   Reconnecting with what makes you happy is everything and a great start for the whole you!  

5 Ways to Take Care of the Whole YOU!

Workout - I know, I know...everyone says this.  But truly, whether it is yoga, running, lifting weights, spin classes, walking with baby in stroller or a combination of all - it is necessary! 

Eat Well - If you follow me on Instagram you know that food is a very big deal to me.  As it should be - food matters!  This is why I choose organic and non-GMO foods and products, like Stonyfield Organic yogurts!  I absolutely love Stonyfield Greek Yogurt for making pasta, dips and everyday snacking! 

Play - What is playing for you?  Have you forgotten?  I did for a long time.  Playing can include many things - reading, kayaking (this also falls in working out category), knitting, baking, gardening.  If you don't like anything - keep trying until you find your passion!

Pray - I find when I pray it helps keep me centered and inspired throughout my day.  And amazing things happen! 

Get Dressed - Do you find yourself wearing your husband's tees?  Wearing those pants you got years ago, that never really fit, you don't like and now they have holes to boot?  Throw them OUT!   Head to prAna and pick out some cozy and comfy yet completely stylish clothes that are organic, fair trade and ethically made!  (see the coupon code below)

Our prAna 15% Discount is good through May - WHOLES17STU

Enjoy now and share your summer Whole You fun with #littleislandsummer on Instagram! 

My Notes - 

We purchase Stonyfield products weekly (unsponsored)
And prAna...oh prAna...I'm wearing my favorite prAna sweater right now - unsponsored!
The gorgeous water bottle is from BKR and if you follow my InstaStories - you know it's my favorite and I take everywhere! 
Awesome kids spoon is from Ore Originals 

This post is in collaboration with Stonyfield Organics and prAna - we buy from both fabulous companies - sponsored or not!  Opinions are my own.  (you know we love it!) 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Kids Bedding for Summer & The Futon Shop Giveaway!

We are so very pleased to collaborate with The Futon Shop for this review & giveaway! 

When I first started parenting oh-so-many years ago, I don't think I thought too much about below-the-surface things.  However, mom's, as we grow and become aware of things, we learn that below-the-surface matters!  It matters what is in our food, on our clothing, in our lawns and certainly below the sheets on our beds!  Humans sleep between 7-10 hours every single night (obviously this various with new moms...that get no sleep and teenagers that simply love and need to sleep lots!).

Why would we ever think that it does not matter what we are breathing in night-after-night. 

This is why I am so appreciative for The Futon Shop who makes the most amazing mattress that I feel good with my kids and myself sleeping on!   

This twin mattress is The Futon Shop Moonlight and is made with organic materials and organic natural latex!  This mattress shown is on top of bed slats - nothing more is needed!   Add some fun organic summer shark sheets and you are good-to-go! 
The Futon Shop Moonlight Mattress, fun sheets and matching organic pillows from The Futon Shop, and we are ready for healthy summer rest and fun!
What we sleep on matters and kids deserve the best! 

My Notes:

The Futon Shop mattresses are heavy with natural and organic materials. They are nothing like your mattress at home that is full of synthetic materials with who-knows-what in them. 

This is the ingredient sheet for the Moonlight Mattress!   
Chemical free, petro-free, GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex - the Moonlight Mattress is nothing short of spectacular!

The Futon Shop makes real, quality mattresses! No short cuts and they make them here in the USA - California to be exact.  The wool they use is naturally antibacterial and is ethically harvested (unlike certain brands of wool lined shoes)  

Their mattress are top quality.  

No chemicals in my home matters and probably most important in our mattresses and food!  I had been so used to these cookie cutter mattresses that weigh nothing and smell like chemicals. (they always make my stomach hurt)

Now I know chemical free and healthy mattresses are out there and are more superior than I ever imagined.  I will never go back to "conventional" mattresses. Ever.

Check out The Futon Shop's entire selection of mattresses - all are amazing and with materials that you can truly feel good about your family breathing-in every night! 
We have an amazing twin futon mattress to giveaway!

This Chemical Free - Pure Comfort Futon Mattress designed with 733 micro coils, natural pure virgin wool and USDA certified organic cotton providing superior comfort and support, and can be used on a futon frame or a traditional platform bed

Our Giveaway!

The Futon Shop is giving away a Pure Comfort Chemical Free Wool / Organic Cotton Mattress (ingredient list is above) Woot!  I am so very happy for the opportunity to give this mattress away - SO versatile for futon frame or bed slats or box spring!  And the comfort is second to none - your back and body need this!  Loads of ways to enter.  US only please.  Prize is shipped via The Futon Shop.  Little Island Studios is not responsible for shipping, use or if you want to lay in bed all day and read because you have never been so comfy!  Enter often, share and good luck!

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This is a sponsored post.  Opinions are my own.  I would never recommend if I didn't fully love and believe in The Futon Shop's ethics, products and company in general!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Summer Sipp Tequila Blackberry Crush! #HaveASipp #spon

We are so pleased to collaborate with Sipp Organic Soda for this recipe and post! 

With warm weather staying around longer and longer we are thinking of summer food and fun!  Cinco de Mayo is coming up quick and this is a perfect opportunity to get outside and celebrate with Sipp Organic Soda!  Grab some fresh organic blackberries and Sipp Mojo Berry flavor organic soda and let's get happy hour started! 

We buy our Sipp Organic Soda from Fresh Market, Target, Whole Foods & MOMS Organic Market! 
This is not a strong drink so feel free to add to taste!

For your Summer Sipp Tequila Blackberry Crush you need - 

Sipp Mojo Berry Organic Soda
Fresh Blackberries - we highly recommend organic
Fresh Mint Leaves
Limes - we tried Key Limes and regular Limes & both are delicious!
Sugar - coconut sugar or unbleached cane sugar
Roca Silver Patron - (or your brand of light tequila)
Crushed Ice

In the bottom of your glass muddle 2 blackberries, 2 slices of lime, pinch of sugar and 1 mint leaf.
Muddle well.

Add cubed ice to shaker, Add in 2 oz of Roca Silver Patron Tequila and 8 oz Sipp Mojo Berry Organic Soda and shake.

Pour in drinking glass with fresh crushed ice.

Top with blackberries, lime slice and mint leaf.
Extras - 

For an extra kick coat the glass rim with lime slice before you start adding ingredients and dip in salt or our favorite - sugar! 

Easy to make and perfect for throwing them together at your next summer picnic!

Whether you are seaside, at the lake or your own backyard - summer is the time for fun, food, drinks & outside happiness!

Happy Summer!

My Notes:

Sipp Organic Soda is perfect on it's own...ask little one!

Gorgeous Mexican Blanket is from Gunn & Swain 

Beautiful orange napkins were sent as a gift from a wonderful Instagram mom in Guatemala! 

This is a sponsored post with Sipp Organic Soda.  Opinions are my own.  I buy Sipp whether I'm sponsored or not! (if you follow my already know! ) 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Sipp & Gin Cocktail!

We are so very pleased to team up with Sipp Organic Soda once again! Cheers!

I am a huge fan of Sipp Organic soda!  It's what I buy for my kiddos and for drinkies.  Great ingredients and none of the stuff I don't want for!  This weekend we celebrated our first picnic outside of the season.  The kids had these cocktails sans the gin, of course!

Ingredients - 

Sipp Organic Soda - Summer Pear flavor
Mint Leaves - fresh and organic
Gin - we like small batch and handcrafted!

Muddle small mint leaf and small slice of cucumber in shaker glass.
Add one shot of Gin and 4 oz of Sipp and shake.
Strain into fresh glass of ice.
Top with mint leaf and cucumber slice!
Simple, fresh and light - Cheers!

Sipp Organic Soda is widely available at Target Stores!

Fresh Market, Whole Foods and now Moms Organic Market has as well!

For more locations see THIS!

Add lime for a new twist add lime and mint!

Weekends are made for fun!
We had fun making Mojo Berry Cocktails too - 
Vodka, blackberries, limes & Sipp Mojo Berry flavor!

My Notes:

Beach tote is from Anthropologie
Cocktail supplies from Wiliams Sonoma
I always use organic ingredients!
Picnic knife is Opinel

We had fun collaborating with Sipp Organic Soda on this cocktail post.  Opinions are my own.  I buy Sipp for my family whether sponsored or not! 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Blue & Blackberry Bramble!

Spring is here and we are in the mood berries, picnics and blooms!  We have done several crumble recipes but this one may be my favorite!  Wild blueberries, blackberries topped with lemon and mint - delightful!

Blueberries and Blackberries are the best! 

Ingredients - 

Wild Blueberries - 10 oz. frozen or fresh 
Blackberries - 20 oz. frozen or fresh
Lemon - small
Butter - 7 oz we use grassfed butter (a quality organic and/or grass fed butter)
Oats 1 1/2 cups - we use Irish Oats or Bobs Red Mill Organic Oats
Ceylon Cinnamon - 2 teas (or more)
Cardamon - 1 teas
Baking Powder - Non-GMO and no aluminum - 1 teas
Flour 1 cup - we use oat flour (it's gluten free)
4 oz Muscavodo Sugar
2 tablespoon Maple Syrup
a few mint leaves to top fruit

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Take a 10 iron skillet and pour blueberries and blackberries on the bottom.  
Squeeze the juice of fresh lemon all over the fruit.
Add a couple small mint leaves on top. Pinch in your fingers before to release the flavor
Mix your spices, butter, oats and flour together and sprinkle entire batch of batter on top.

Bake for 20-30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Enjoy hot or cold with coffee or milk.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Best Meatloaf Ever!

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Around here meatloaf is for rainy winter and early spring days.  A really good meatloaf is the ultimate comfort food.  I have to say though, I think meatloaf gets a bad wrap and with some of the meatloaves I have tasted, I understand why.  Every meatloaf I have had other than my mothers has been bland, dry and quite frankly - inedible.

My mom's meatloaf is the only meatloaf I have ever liked and this one comes super close, if I do say so myself!  The next rainy day or Sunday afternoon dinner give meatloaf another try! 

Ingredients - 

1 pound of grass fed beef or buffalo meat
1 egg
1 small yellow onion
2  garlic cloves
2 slices of bread - use great bread for this!
1 tbs of ground flax seeds (do not substitute the flax entirely for the bread. Trust me on this one)
2 oz. Worcestershire sauce
 6 oz tomato sauce
1 heaping tablespoon of real mustard (I use a great one from France)
1 tbs of Italian Seasoning
2 teas of fresh ground pepper
1 teas of sea salt or Celtic salt

Rosemary sprig for topping
2 tbs of tomato sauce for topping

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Toast your bread slices and allow to dry until hard. Chop finely.
Mince the garlic cloves
Dice the onion

In mixing bowl add meat, egg, bread crumbs, tomato sauce, spices and Worcestershire sauce

Mix well.
If at all dry add a dash of tomato sauce and Worcestershire sauce then mix again
Place in cast iron skillet or pan (I do not use a loaf pan!)
Form the meat into a loaf shape and add toppings - tomato sauce, spices and rosemary sprig
We also always chop fresh potatoes and carrots and place around the meat.
It all cooks and is done at the same time and is delicious! 

Bake for 40 minutes or until done.
Cool 10 minutes and enjoy!

We love this meatloaf with garlicky green beans!

My Notes:

Do not and I repeat do not substitute flax seeds for the entire bread called for.  Just because ground flax looks like maybe it could work as a bread crumb.  It does not work.  Please trust me on this.

I use organic ingredients, grass fed meats and always Non-GMO foods 

Yes, I'm obsessed with cooking in cast iron.

When my kids were small and a bit pickier on the foods they ate I would add a 1/2 cup of blended carrots to this.

I am absolutely baffled as to why anyone would add sugar to meatloaf.  The America diet has enough sugar.  Please do not add sugar to your meat! 

And milk. Milk to meatloaf? Just no.

This is delicious, but not a sponsored post.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Seedling Colour the Galaxy Ball Giveaway! #SeedlingStory

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Today's post is sponsored by Seedling! Yay!

The Seedling Colour the Galaxy Ball in absolutely out-of-this-WORLD!  We just love it!

If you follow us on Instagram you already know we just love Seedling craft kits!  
I buy for my kids and I buy for gifts (lucky kids)!   
The Seedling Galaxy Ball comes with it's own colorful markers but you can feel free to add your own too - they all work! 

We added our own markers from OOLY for more color options!

My Notes:

Seeding has the best gifts for kids! And is my go-to gift buying site!

Nordstrom usually carries Seedling party gifts and goodies.  I always feel like I hit the jack pot when I find them - bouncy balls, spinning tops, masks, wands, gliders - you name it! Pure happiness! 

One of the options in the giveaway is to sign up for Seedling emails.  They have awesome specials and I highly recommend!  

Rocket Rainbow tee is from Mini Boden!

Colorful bins & rainbow pendant is from The Land of Nod

Just so you know, the Galaxy ball is awesome and bounces super high.  So you also know...your dog my go bonkers and want it bad.
And so you further now...the ball will pop if your new rescue dog decides to do this. 


We have one Colour the Galaxy Ball to giveaway! Yay!  Prize is for US residents only please. Prize is shipped via Seedling.  We are not responsible for shipping, use or if your kiddo suddenly wants to be an astronaut nor are we responsible if you color the ball during nap time and have to buy little one a new one! 

Please note - you need your own ball pump for this craft.  We bought ours off Amazon 
(this is not an affiliate link).

Giveaway entries are easy - do as many or little as you like! The more you enter, the more you are entered! ;P

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We partnered with Seedling for this blog post. Opinions are always my own - always!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Good Food Made Simple! #goodfoodmadesimple #spon

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This is a collaboration with Good Food Made Simple

Good Food Made Simple uses organic and non-GMO foods as often as possible, cage free eggs, antibiotic and nitrate-free meats, real cheese (makes you wonder what other companies use?!) and you won't find artificial colors, preservatives, flavors sweetness nor hydrogenated oils!  Good food, made simply.  Busy days shouldn't be complicated when it comes to cooking and eating real food.

This hatch chile mac is spicy and oh SO delicious!  We added a bit of sparkling water and sat down to read our new book!  I simply love taking a break mid-day and skip the cooking. Yay me! 

Little one loved the bolognese and called it spaghetti mac!  This is a great compliment folks, as his first choice for any meal is mac and cheese! *sigh*

We pick up our Good Food Made Simple meals at Target!

This post is in collaboration with Mambo Sprouts and Good Food Made Simple.  Opinions are my own.  Yes...SO good! 

Eating Clean, Barlean's & Moroccan Chickpea Skillet Pizza!

Today's delicious post is in collaboration with Barleans and Amie Valpone, author of Eating Clean and The Healthy Apple! #EatingCleanwithBarleans

Health and food go hand-in-hand.  Amie Valpone, author of Eating Clean Cookbook and Barlean's healthy food are a great way to get your body going in the right direction!  We love Barlean's products - certified organic, gluten free, Non-GMO, unrefined and a great company!
Flax oil should be in everyones diet in my opinion.  Two tablespoons of ground flax seed is a great place to start.  In this skillet pizza we made today, we used Barlean's Flax Oil in part replacing the olive oil.  And for the Skillet Pizza we sprinkled forth-flax on top of the tomato sauce.

If you follow us on InstaStories you know we made Eating Clean's Moroccan Chickpea Skillet Pizza and Carrot Cashew Herb Sauce!  Absolutely delicious.  My kids loved it!  And don't worry about how to store left-overs - you won't have any!

Blend your carrot cashew sauce to perfection! 

This is ready for the oven.  For the carrot cashew herb sauce I switched out the parsley and spinach for kale, garlic and cumin.  It calls for olive oil.  I used Barlean's flax oil for half of that.  This sauce, or I like to call my new favorite chip dip is absolutely delicious and now in my go-to entertaining recipes!
I've made skillet pizzas before, but this one is one of my favorites!  
Super healthy and clean - eat all you want!

Slides out of the iron skillet like a dream and ready to slice.  Eat with a fork and add a bit extra carrot cashew herb sauce to taste.  Enjoy! 

 My Notes:

Check this out for more than enough reasons to include Flax in your daily diet!

Giveaway -

We have a great giveaway - Barlean's Flax Oil and Forti-Flax and an Eating Clean Cookbook!  Prize is for US only please.  Cookbook is sponsored by me and will be shipped via Amazon.

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Yes, we are happy to be part of Barlean's blogging team.  We have followed The Healthy Apple on and off for years and respect her passion for wellness and food. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Goodnight Everyone Picture Book Giveaway!

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Today's post is in collaboration with Candlewick Press! 

Goodnight Everyone by Chris Haughton is one of our favorite bedtime stories! Absolutely delightful tale of one little bear is not sleepy yet as the forest animals around her are settling down for the nights sleep.  Such a lovely and calming book for bedtime.  

The sun is setting, and everyone in the forest is getting sleepy. The mice, rabbits, and deer all give great big yawns as they snuggle up with their families for the night. But someone isn't sleepy just yet. Little Bear thinks he can stay awake a bit longer. Can he do it? Chris Haughton's bold and vibrant illustrations will captivate little ones eager to stay up just a teeny bit longer, while sweet depictions of animals cozying up in their beds for the night will soon have them yawning off to a dreamland of their own. - Candlewick Press

The art is happy, warm and inviting.

We have one hardcover copy for a giveaway!  Prize is for US residents only please.  Prize is shipped via publisher.  We are not responsible for shipping.

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This post is in collaboration with Candlewick Press. Opinions are my own.  We simply love Candlewick Press and Goodnight Everyone!